Survival Of The Fittest


Contest Director: Caleb Posselt


Caleb Posselt (920)-851-1294

Quintin Meyer (920)-939-2375

Date & Time: Competition starts at 10am October 28th

Weigh-in: 7-8am October 28th

Location: Limitless Elite Gym Parking lot (outside) Weather Permitting

Will be inside if Weather does not allow outside competition. Events may be subject to change at this point as well. Come as a well-rounded athlete.


  • Women’s 150 and under
  • Women’s 150 and over
  • Men’s 200 and under
  • Men’s 200 and over


A very short rules meeting will happen before each event.

  • Max Deadlift: (straps allowed) 3 attempts, have to go up in weight each attempt. Your best number will be taken for your overall score.
  • Yoke Carry: Weight will be decided per weight class. Event will be timed. The weights will not be outrageous but challenging, so come strong and prepared. Competitor picks up Yoke upon whistle blow, Competitor must carry Yoke 75ft from start line to finish line. 1 minute to complete implement. Each Competitor gets 2 runs on the yoke. Best time will be used.
  • Log Press: Competitor will get 3 attempts to clean and press a Log overhead. Competitor will pick their own attempts. You will have 2 minutes to report to the judges table and call out your next attempt weight. Come to the competition having a good idea of what all your attempts will be.
  • Max Rep pullups: Do pullups till you die or we die. Either way do as many as you can!

Awards: A trophy will be given to the winner of each division.

Vendors will be donating prizes for the winners as well. Each competitor gets a free shaker cup and pair of Limitless U.S.A. wrist wraps as a thank you for competing.

Entry Fees: $30 entry fee. Add $15 for every competition day shirt you would like.

Entry Deadline: Entries must be received by October 15th.


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