Powerlifting Coaching

We dont believe in limits. 

Our goal is to provide the best coaching experience to all of our athletes though our own experience. 
Our head coach Quintin Meyer
  • 5 time Drug Free National Champion in USA Powerlifting 
  • The Current Pro American Champion from the Arnold Sports Fest
  • Represented the United States on their international team 4 times in his career.  In his career.
  • Has competed in over 60 meets, a majority of which were National and World level meets. 
  • If you visit Limitless Elite Gym, the Medals on the walls are not just decoration.  They are the medals Quintin Meyer has earned over his career.

    What To Expect

    Direct coaching from Quintin Meyer.

    You will have regular contact with Quintin Meyer for any questions, thoughts or concerns you may have.

    Custom programming fit for your needs.

    Everyone has different needs and we will help you dial to be the best you can be!

    Strict form coaching

    Form is everything, from one on one coaching to online videos.  We will make sure you form is dialed in!

    Meet Day Plan

    From warm ups to food to attempts.  We got you covered!


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