Membership Options

Membership details

Day-By-Day Access
$5 Per Visit

Gain 24 hour access to our state of the art weightlifting and cardio equipment.


Limitless Access
$24.95 Monthly

Feeling the Limitless?
Gain unlimited access to everything in our Basic package
No contracts
Discounted rates available with contract
$24.95 per month with 1 year contract
$34.95 per month without contract


Family Access
Additional $15 Monthly

Family members who live under the same roof are allowed to join your membership at a discounted rate
Contact us for details



Bring a friend!
Additional $15 Monthly

Do you have a friend who loves to work out but can't quite afford the full membership?
Add them to your membership for just $15 a month!

Disclaimer: Your guest can only enter the gym while you're there as well


Military & Occupation Discounts

Limitless Elite Gym takes pride in not only our country but everyone who provides service to make this country great. We offer a waived access fob fee (does not include membership) to anyone who serves in the military, or works for the police or fire department


Personal Trainers

Limitless Elite Gym houses a network of independent personal trainers with a wide variety of specialties to ensure you get the training you need. Contact a gym staff member for more details.


Team Limitless

Team Limitless is a group of elite athletes who train at this gym. Members of Limitless Elite Gym will have opportunities to join the team if they meet our requirements.