Limitless Elite Gym FAQ

Is Limitless Elite Gym just a heavy lifting gym?

No, We promote an encouraging and supportive environment to help all of our members reach their goals. We offer equipment most gyms dont that allow our members to train in sports such as Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman, Crossfit, Weightlifting and much more. The same equipment is also friendly to the general public. If you don't know how to use any of our equipment, just ask a staff member. Everyone here is very friendly and more than willing to help!


Is the environment intimidating?

This is a common question! We have everything your commercial gym has with the addition of high end competitive equipment. This does not mean that the environment is intimidating. We welcome everyone, and have members from all different backgrounds with different goals and levels of fitness!


What about the judgement free zone?

Many gyms push the "No Judgements" saying but typically these are the gyms that shun really pushing yourself. These rules are made to keep the gym environment from being intimidating but at the same time, it stops anyone from progressing to that next level of training. The owners of Limitless Elite Gym are elite competitors who lift heavy weights, and take their sport seriously. However, every one of them loves working with beginners, and helping them make that change in their life. Don't think for a second that just because they are "serious lifters" that they are scary, intense, or intimidating because they like to have fun too!


Do you have to be a powerlifter to go to this gym?

Absolutely not. Limitless Elite Gym is for everyone! Whether you are interested in general fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, crossfit, or are a weekend warrior, we welcome you! L.E.G. will offer the typical commercial gym equipment, but it will also provide specialized athletes with the equipment needed to be successful in his/her sport.

Are there any additional perks to having a Limitless Membership?

Store Discounts: All members of Limitless Elite Gym received a 15% discount on all Limitless products in the Limitless Elite Gym Store. Yes, this includes the supplements.
Personal Trainers: Limitless Elite Gym houses a network of independent personal trainers with a wide variety of specialties to ensure you get the training you need. If you are interested, please ask for more details Team Limitless: Team Limitless is a group of elite athletes who train at this gym. Members at Limitless Elite Gym will have opportunities to join the team if they meet the requirements.


    Are you open on holidays?

    We are not staffed on holidays but members are allowed access as part of our 24 hour policy.


    Do you offer childcare?

    We do not currently offer childcare. In future, this is a goal of our facility. If you have any requests, please let a staff member know so they can take consideration into our plans.


    Do you offer personal training?

    Yes. We offer personal training and have a wide variety of independent personal trainers on staff. We have a list of our trainers and their backgrounds/specialties so you can select a trainer that best meets your needs and goals.


    Do you offer group fitness?

    Yes we do and are looking to continuously add classes. If you have suggestions, please let a staff member know.


    Do you offer guest passes?

    Yes! $5/day or $20/week.


    Are the store hours the same as the gym hours?

    No, the gym is open 24 hours and our pro shop has regular hours that we are staffed.


    Is chalk allowed in your gym?

    Yes we allow chalk but we ask that you clean up after your use.


    Does your gym have locker rooms?

    The locker rooms are located on the north end of the building. The women’s locker room has a bathroom located on the inside. We have 3 additional bathrooms available in our building. One of the bathrooms currently have a shower.


    Does your gym have showers?

    We have one shower in our gym currently. Member is responsible for providing towels and shower essentials when in need.


    How big is the gym?

    10,000 square feet.