Limitless and Silver Tuna Deadlift Challenge

As a celebration for our new neighbors Silver Tuna Tattoo and Piercing.  We are hosting this deadlift challenge!  All of the fund raised will be split evenly among the lifters we have at Limitless of whom are competing Nationally and Internationally this year!

Date: Oct 5th, 2019

Lifting Starts: 10am (weigh ins take place as you enter the platform)

Site: Limitless Elite Gym, 3003 West Prospect Ave, Appleton, WI. 54914

Divisions: Open


  • Max Deadlift - Each lifter will have 3 attempts, the best lift will count as their final total.  Placing will be awarded by wilks.
  • Max Reps - Each lifter will have 1 attempt to do the maximum amount of reps at 1.5x their body weight for women and 2x their body weight for men.  Placing will be awarded by highest reps.


Absolutely NO Refunds.