Team Limitless Personal Training And Coaching

Welcome to Limitless Elite Gym!

Limitless is more than a brand, Limitless is a state of mind.  Too many people are stuck in their day to day lives with an idea of what they can or cant do.  To us, there is no limit.  


  • Very knowledgeable and experienced trainers.  (The best around, with titles to prove it)
  • Friendly, welcoming and motivating enviroment
  • Experienced in many different styles of training.  Such as: Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Olympic Weightlifting, General Fitness, Weightloss, HIIT, Bootcamps and more!
  • One on one training sessions
  • Group training sessions
  • Classes coming soon
  • Outdoor sessions in the summer


Bodybuilding Clients will receive:

-Direct coaching by Sara Jean the bikini queen (Natural Bikini Pro) 
-Individualized nutrition program with updates created each week to help you achieve your goals

-Individualized training and cardio program
-Weekly communication with 24 hour email response time
-Individualized supplement recommendations
-Bikini/Figure Competitors: guidance on suit selection, shoes, hair, makeup, skin prep, jewelry, and other competition details to ensure a successful competition day
-Online posing and form critique based on client
-Note: If you are competing in an event, you will receive a higher frequency of check-ins leading into your competition along with a detailed competition/peak week plan and competition day plan

Powerlifting Clients will receive:

-Direct coaching from Quintin Meyer (2X USAPL National champion and 3X Team USA Competitor
-Individualized programs updated weekly
-Nutrition guidance
-Strict form coaching
-Meet day plan
-Open invitation to train at Limitless Elite Gym with Q himself